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You are currently viewing visualisations from the old DNS Monitoring Service (DNSMON). Data collection for the old service was stopped on 1 July 2014. The information displayed on this page is for reference purposes, is not updated, and will be available until at least the end of 2014. We invite you to use the new DNSMON

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RIPE NCC DNS Monitoring Services


The RIPE NCC DNS Monitoring Service (DNSMON) provides a comprehensive, objective and up-to-date overview of the quality of the service offered by high-level Domain Name System (DNS) servers. It is an active measurement service. It uses our Test Traffic Measurements (TTM) network to provide an up-to-date service overview of certain DNS root and Top-Level Domain (TLD) name servers. An important feature is the ability to view historical data. This allows quick analysis of both past and present DNS issues.

Development of the service started in 2003. During the development phase, we offered the service free of charge to the entire Internet community. This changed on 1 March 2005 when it became a regular production service. In 2012, the RIPE NCC membership approved a Charging Scheme that says DNSMON must become a member service from 1 January 2013.

DNSMON measures DNS performance between sites that take part in the TTM service and those where DNS servers are installed. The high number of probes and the method of presenting the results are unique. The information is updated every hour.

The measurements are presented at various levels of granularity, allowing users to switch between general representations and more detailed views specific to particular domains, servers, and probes for freely selectable time frames.

The RIPE NCC plans to phase out use of the TTM service in 2013 and gradually integrate the DNSMON into the RIPE Atlas service, using RIPE Atlas Anchors as vantage points. The data presentation and visualisation will also be updated. The RIPE NCC will work with DNSMON users to ensure a smooth transition and further development of the service.

How to Contact Us:

Please send your e-mails to We give priority to mails from subscribers, but all e-mails will receive a reply.

We cannot subscribe new DNSMON users at the moment, but if you are a RIPE NCC member and would like to be placed on a waiting list for the service, please send an email to We will then contact you to discuss the service.